Here are the answers to frequently asked questions.

Basic questions

Why should i use linker?

with linker you have the possibility to put together several links in a folder. This allows you to easily share multiple links with your friends and acquaintances. If these files are stored on an online storage service, links to these files can be provided. Linker can also see the file's availability status in addition to the size and name of the file. So you see immediately if a file has been deleted

How can I create folders?

Linker offers you divers options to create your folders. It is possible to create folders via our website as well as via our API. Moreover we offer a plugin for the management software Intelligen which can be here.

When and how often are folders checked?

We check your folders immediately after the creation and then at least once every 24 hours.

Which folder status are available?

  • Unknownthe status could not be determined
  • Onlineall links are online
  • Mixedcontains both online and offline parts
  • Offlineall links are offline

Which online storage services are supported?

As mentioned earlier, linker supports an extended information query for online storage services, which in addition to the size and the name of the file also includes their availability status. For a list of supported services, see here.

My online storage service is not supported?

There are few storage services, new ones are added every day and others disappear again. If we do not support your storage service yet, you can submit an application through this form.

Earn money & pay out

How can I earn money?

By distributing folders, revenue will be generated. The amount of income depends on the geographical origin of your folder visitors, not the folder owner. An up-to-date overview of the remuneration can be found here. It may be necessary to adjust the rates from time to time or assign countries to another compensation group. To participate in the affiliate program. It is urgently necessary to create an account beforehand.

Can i earn money as webmaster?

If you own a website, you can earn by just sending traffic to our site. After registering and verifiying your website with us, you are able to set the amount your users will share with you in 10% steps.

It's your website - your rules!

When will payment be made?

If you have requested a payout, linker pays them out every monday. You should request your payout no later than sunday night.

Are there fees?

For paying out linker calculates no fees. However, it may happen that individual payment options charge for receiving money, but left has no influence.

Download questions

Password? What is the password?

If a folder or a file is protected by a password, this was set by the creator of the folder / file. Please turn to the source from which you came to our site.

How do I download?

In addition to the possibility to download files individually, there is the possibility to download them with a download tool. There are 2 options for this as you get the links in your download tool.


The "Download Link Container" file is a container file which contains all links and can be read by most download tools.


This is a process in which the links are passed directly to the download tool via the browser

Which download tools are supported?


A widely used download tool which requires Java for execution.


A download tool for Microsoft Windows users that does not require any further runtimes or frameworks.


A mobile download tool for the Android operating system


A python written, especially memory and processor-friendly, download tool which is excellent for operation on NAS system or routers.

How do I unzip files?

It often happens that files are shared in parts. In most cases, these files can be unziped with 7zip, WinRar oder Unrar.


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