Version Changelog

2019-05-28 v2.30

  • Added the possibilty to add your reflinks to every host you want.

2019-05-10 v2.25

  • Popup problems fixed, which caused in errors with the revenue calculation.
  • Small responsive improvements for mobile devices

2019-04-30 v2.20

  • We now support as hosting provider
  • We now support as hosting provider
  • We also now support

2019-03-29 v2.10

  • Payments will be processed now every monday - countdown added

2019-03-15 v2.05

  • Fixed some bugs in the payout history

2019-03-01 v2.00

  • We did some redesign, hope you like the new look too.

2019-02-08 v1.96

  • Fixed uncheckable folders

2019-01-18 v1.92

  • Fixed cache issue on payout page
  • Fixed cache of Statistics

2018-12-21 v1.90

  • ❆We wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! ❆
  • We implemented some new FAQ entries
  • We added anchor to link directly to our FAQ entries

2018-12-14 v1.85

  • It is now possible to delete pending payouts until Sunday 23:59:59
  • Search for "noname" folders was not possible before
  • AdminUI improvements

2018-12-07 v1.80

  • Improved PHP checker functionality
  • Fixed Self-destruct-counter reset

2018-11-30 v1.75

  • Implemented new payout methods (amazon, bank wire)

2018-11-23 v1.70

  • Obtained a plugin for the intelligen tool from a great guy ♥ thanks to celv

2018-11-14 v1.60

  • We now support as hosting provider
  • Added an option to delete the payout log

2018-10-31 v1.55

  • We added a hoster support page, where you can require support for a new hosting provider
  • API Documentation is now online

2018-10-22 v1.45

  • We now support as hosting provider
  • We now support as hosting provider

2018-10-17 v1.40

  • We now support as hosting provider

2018-10-15 v1.337

  • We have added some easter eggs

2018-10-10 v1.35

  • Fixed zippyshare plugin issues
  • We now support as hosting provider

2018-10-03 v1.30

  • We implemented a new way to monetarize your website

2018-09-21 v1.20

  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to delete folders in your manager
  • Improved earnings statistics

2018-09-14 v1.15

  • We now support as hosting provider

2018-08-31 v1.10

  • We implemented english & german as languages, english is the primary language

2018-08-15 v1.00

  • After several months of hard work, we have finaly a first version! We call him mooncake

2018-03-03 9:42v0.00

  • It is a cold day in a dark paradise, we are sitting here and planning a link encryption service, to bring the light back in the dark...