the simple way to encrypt your links

Create Folder

All your links, together in one place, available at any time with just one click. Clearly structured and visually processed. Protected against access by bots through password and captcha. At any time the full control in the management tool of your created folders. Get helpful information about online status and access to your folders.

Earn Money

Earn money with every created and shared folder. The more folders you create and distribute, the more money you can earn. Earn up to 2$ for 1000 folder views depending on the origin of your visitors. Livestatics will keep you informed and help you optimize your earnings.

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Webmaster Revenue

Your website - your rules. You decide if and how much your members earn. Take all for yourself, share 50/50 or give it all to your members. This is the most easiest way to monetarize your webpage and pay your bills without big effort.

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Tools Supported

A full service for your visitors. By integrating ClicknLoad and DLC container files, it's easy for your visitors to download your files quickly and easily. This ensures full support of the following download tools: pyload, jDownloader, load!, cryptload, ShareDownloader

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For all devices

Our optimized website allows you to access your folders from everywhere. It doesn't matter if you are working with your desktop pc, at work with your laptop or at home on your sofa with your smartphone.